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Water softener

The cheap solution against limescale. Invest a mere $188 now and save up to $600 a year

Water softener

The cheap solution against limescale. Invest a mere £147 now and save up to £450 a year

This is why you choose

The solution against lime scale
  • At, you pay the lowest price
  • You can save up to $600 a year with the Amfa4000®
  • thinks about the environment
  • The Amfa4000® is made of sustainable materials
  • You can install the Amfa4000® easily by yourself
  • The Amfa4000® improves the quality of your tap water
  • The Amfa4000® is 100% safe

Discover how
the Amfa4000® works

The workings of the Amfa4000® is very simple. We elaborate in three simple steps how it works

Deux aimants puissants

Two strong magnets

The Amfa4000® contains two strong magnets which, together, create a magnetic field of 1170 Gauss.

Calcium et magnésium

Calcium and magnesium

Because of the two magnets, calcium and magnesium cannot connect with each other anymore. This is how lime scale cannot form anymore.

Facile à installer

Easily installed

You can install the Amfa4000® easily alongside the pipe within 5 minutes. You only require the tiewrap, which is provided by us.

The possibility to fit the Amfa4000® in your home has become really easy now. We offer this service in all of the UK. Many have preceded you and are enjoying our unique offer.

10 years warranty

The Amfa4000® is guaranteed to last many years. Are you experiencing problems with the water softener? U have a warranty that is valid for 10 years on the Amfa4000®.

Qualité supérieure

Top shelf quality

The Amfa4000® is made with materials of high quality. That is why it has a lifelong life-expectancy.

Garantie de remboursement de 100 jours

100 days money back guarantee

You can try the Amfa4000® for 100 days. Are you not happy with the result? Then you can get your money back.

10 ans de garantie sur l'Amfa4000®

10 years warranty on the Amfa4000®

We are sure the Amfa4000® lasts a lifetime. That is why you receive 10 years of warranty with the purchase of your water descaler.

"Fantastic, it really works"

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Installation of the Amfa4000®

You can install the Amfa4000® very easily by yourself. You only need limited free space of around 4 inches alongside the pipe in order to install the device. Place the Amfa4000® on the pipe and tighten it with the tiewrap that is included in the order. When the water softener is fit tightly, you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Installation video
Installation de l'Amfa4000®

The best solution against lime scale

Less lime scale means less cleaning, lower energy costs and a longer lifespan of your appliances.


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