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Calcium and magnesium have a natural ability to attach to each other, but the Amfa4000® provides a great force whose combating fields prevent magnesium and calcium from crystallizing. The equipment does not eliminate these minerals from water but represses the harmful effects of magnesium and calcium preventing them from settling. Limescale stays in the water but will not form residues on tubing and appliances.

24Man Amfa4000® Water Softener is a great solution if you are looking to reduce limescale. Amfa4000® Water Softener is small in size and does not require any modifications during installation or removal. The equipment is protected against explosions and is furnished with a security shield to avoid damage to electronics or transmitting device.

Looking to buy water softener? The Amfa4000® provides the right way to treat portable water. It separates but does not remove calcium and magnesium which are naturally present in water. These molecules are good and indispensable to both humans and animals.

Advantages of Amfa4000® Water Softener

  • Does not need maintenance
  • Prevent build-up of limescale
  • Installation without modification – does not need homeowner’s permission to install or remove
  • Provide longer lifespan of appliances such as water heaters and washing machines
  • No chemical additives or filters
  • Prevents limescale build-up without removing important minerals
  • Ideal for water tubes of different materials and sizes except led tubes
  • Ten-year full warranty on the 24Man Amfa4000® Water Softener