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Descale Senseo

With a water softener, you will never have to descale your household equipment. Descaling your Senseo is necessary to protect the device against limescale, to maintain the lovely taste of your coffee and to make sure your coffee machine will last longer. We would like to explain how to remove the limescale in your Senseo. But did you know there is a much easier way? With a water softener, you will never have to descale your household devices. 

Descale your Senseo in 4 steps

In only 4 steps, you descale your Senseo machine.

Step 1: cleaning vinegar or descaling agent

There are different agents you can use to descale your Senseo. Think about a special Senseo descaling agent or cleaning vinegar. Add one of the two to a liter of water and pour half in the water tank of your coffee machine.

Step 2: Senseo flushing

Place a pad holder for a cup of coffee in the Senseo and turn it on. Place an empty tray under the coffee spout to catch the descaling agent. Press the button for two cups of coffee. Repeat this until the water tank is empty. If you still have some descaling mixture, refill the water tank and flush the Senseo again.

Step 3: flush again with descaling agent

Empty the collection tray and repeat the flushing process with a pad holder for two cups of coffee.

Step 4: clean with clean water

Empty the collection tray again and flush the water tank with clean water. Fill the tank with water and replace it. Press the button for two cups of coffee to flush the machine with clean water. Repeat this until the water tank is empty. In this way, you remove the remaining residue of the descaling agent.

Make your Senseo last longer with a water softener

With limescale, your coffee machine will use more energy to heat the water and will shorten its longevity. With a water softener, you prevent disruptions of your Senseo machine and you extend its longevity so you can enjoy a carefree cup of coffee every morning. View more advantages of a water softener.

Descaling your household equipment

A water softener is better for your Sense coffee machine and other household equipment. If you install a water softener, even the limescale which is affecting your coffee machine at the moment, is removed. You can also simply descale your shower head, iron, water boiler and washing machine. The Amfa4000® water softener is the perfect solution for your water.

Your questions about a Senseo answered

When do I need to descale my Senseo?

You can make around 400 cups of coffee before you have to descale your Senseo. You do not have to keep track of this of course, your Senseo coffee machine will tell you when it has to be decalcified. The descaling light will light up.

Why do I need to descale my Senseo machine?

Tap water contains small limescale particles, which affect the heating element of your coffee machine. This means your Senseo must work increasingly hard to heat water and so it will break down sooner. To prevent this, you have to descale the coffee machine regularly. The risk of disruptions is lower and your coffee tastes better.

How do I prevent limescale in my coffee machine?

There is only one way to prevent limescale: a water softener. The Amfa4000® descales the piping and other equipment in your home so you do not have to descale your coffee machine manually.

Order water softener

Order the Amfa4000® water softener now to descale your water, so you do not have to descale your Senseo and other household equipment.