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Descale the shower head

Descaling your shower head

If the holes of your shower head get clogged because of limescale, the water is no longer distributed properly. Thankfully, you can easily solve this by cleaning the shower head with vinegar.

Step 1: dismount

Between the hose and the shower head, there is a hinge that you can loosen. This can be tricky if there is a lot of limescale on it. You can then use pliers to open it, but don’t use too much force: this may cause the joint to break. Are there brown spots around the connecting piece? Then you should use anti-rust agent first. If there is a lot of white limescale on the joint, a faster way to loosen the shower head is by spraying a little WD-40 on the joint.

Step 2: soak in vinegar

Fill the sink or a bucket with water and add vinegar. The ideal ratio of water and vinegar is one part water and two parts vinegar. The shower head must be completely submerged. Now all you have to do for the next 24 hours is wait.

Step 3: rinse the shower head

After soaking for a day, the limescale will have dissolved. Rinse the shower head with cold water and connect it to the shower hose. Turn the shower on for a few moments, to rinse the last remnants of vinegar and limescale from the shower head.

Frequently asked questions about descaling a shower head

How can I descale a shower head that is attached to the wall?

Sometimes it is not possible to dismount a shower head from the house, for example if it is mounted on the wall. Thankfully, it is still possible to soak such a shower head in vinegar. All you need in this case is a plastic bag. Pour the mixture of water and vinegar in and attach it to the shower head.

How can I prevent a blocked shower head?

If you dry the shower head with a cloth after showering, less water will remain in the shower head. It is this remaining water that causes limescale. If you remove this water every time you’ve showered, the holes of your shower head will get blocked less quickly.  

Why is there limescale in my shower head?

Because there are a lot of minerals and lime in the soil, it is also in the tap water. Depending on the type of soil in your area, your water will be harder or softer. Curious about the hardness of your tap water? Take a look at our overview of the water hardness in the USA.

No more limescale?

With the Afma4000 water softener, you can enjoy soft water every day. If you put this small device around your water pipe, it will no longer be necessary to descale your shower head. Curious about the possibilities? Read more about the effects of the Amfa4000® and the benefits of soft water. If you have any questions, please contact the advisors via