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Descaling your water boiler

In many kitchens, the water boiler is one of the most commonly used appliances. It quickly gets you hot water while cooking, and if you are craving a cup of tea, the water is at the right temperature within minutes. If you use the water boiler a lot, it is important to descale it regularly. This is not hard, and you can use one of the following household remedies for this:

  • The juice from one lemon (lemon powder also works well)
  • A dash of natural vinegar
  • A dash of descaling agent

Step 1: Emptying the water boiler

First, it is important to get rid of any old water that is still in the water boiler. Then fill the water boiler with fresh water and add the cleaning agent of choice.   

Step 2: Descale!

Did you choose to clean with lemon? Then there is little else to do. Leave the water with the lemon juice for a few hours, so that the limescale slowly comes off. When you clean the water boiler with vinegar, bring the water to a boil and then leave the water boiler for 30 minutes. If you are using a descaling agent, boiling is not necessary either. The lime dissolves in fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Removing the cleaning agent

Now it is important to flush out the last remains of the cleaning mixture from the water boiler, because who would want a cup of tea that tastes like lemon, vinegar or descaling agent? By treating the inside with a sponge or dishwashing brush, you can be sure that all of it is gone.

Frequently asked questions about descaling the water boiler

Why do I have limescale in my water boiler?

Water contains small lime particles because there are many small shells in our soil. However, the water hardness differs between regions.

How often should I descale the water boiler?

Does it take longer for the water to boil and do you see a lot of white deposits on the heating element? Then it's probably time to descale the water boiler. Generally, cleaning it once every twelve weeks is a good rule of thumb.

Is drinking water with lime unhealthy?

No, drinking water with lime is not harmful to health in any way. However, people with sensitive skin can benefit from soft water with little lime.

Want to descale your water boiler less often?

Although descaling your water boiler is quick to do, it is a chore you want to do as little as possible. With the Amfa4000® you enjoy wonderfully soft water and descaling your water boiler becomes almost unnecessary. Want to know more about this ingenious water softener? For questions, please contact the advisors via