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Limescale costs you a lot

Tap-water is very hard in many areas. That is to say, it contains a lot of calcium.

Consequently, all materials in regular contact with the water get a layer of calcium deposited on them, which is limescale.
This leads to various problems.

Calcium deposits are not always immediately visible. But you can be sure that they are there! For example, in mains water supply systems, domestic electric appliances and other installations. It is only when the water pressure is reduced or pipes are completely blocked that we become aware of these problems, but by then it is too late. Furred-up heating elements also lead to higher electricity consumption and premature replacement of equipment.

Limescale takes 15% to 70% more energy!!

Did you know that a layer of only 1.5 millimetre limescale on a heating element increases your energy consumption by 15%?
When this gets thicker, this waste could increase to 70%.
And because your water is hard you consume 30% to 50% more washing powder and laundry conditioner on top of the costs of expensive and harmful descaling treatments.


Chemical descaling is not the right solution.


  • So-called 'descaling' or 'softening' chemically extracts calcium from water.
  • These chemicals are harmful to your health and the environment and are therefore not allowed in drinking water supplies.
  • But the minerals that cause limescale are actually important for the health of people, animals and plants.
24Man offers the effective solution

To prevent limescale, without removing essential constituents from the water, there should be a change of structure of the minerals. The "calcium and magnesium molecules" have a natural ability to connect to each other. The unique Amfa-water treatment breaks this feature by changing the crystal structure. The Amfa process has been scientifically tested and environmentally friendly. There are no minerals to withdrawn from the water.