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The best water softener: Amfa4000®

Check out the best water softener: the Amfa4000®. The Amfa4000® is the best solution against limescale. It prevents the formation of new limescale and gradually breaks down the existing limescale. It is also maintenance free and will save you no less than 1000 euros per household per year. Quickly read on and discover the many possibilities of the Amfa4000®! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact 24Man. We will be happy to help.

The best solution against limescale

According to 24Man, the Amfa400 is the best solution against limescale. The cause of limescale accumulating and settling is the fact that Calcium and Magnesium cluster together. This results in lime crystals. The Amfa400 prevents this process! 24Man is a true expert when it comes to water treatment. So of course the Amfa4000® is a product of craftsmanship and quality. The result is that the Amfa4000® comes with a lot of benefits. We have listed a few of these:


  • The water softener is maintenance-free
  • Devices (such as washing machines, dishwashers and boilers) have a significantly longer lifespan
  • The Amfa4000® is environmentally friendly
  • It does not contain filters and/or chemicals additives

Aside from that, the water softener will make your tap water taste better. 24Man’s water softener can also be installed 99% of the time. It can be installed without adjustments to the water pipes. Your purchase will have a “not satisfied = money back” warranty of 100 days. If you are satisfied and keep using the water softener; you will have a full manufacturer warranty of 10 years on the Amfa system. The water softener of 24Man is perfect for soft water!

Choose the best water softener!

You have come to the right place for the best water softener. Order the Amfa4000® before 11:59 p.m., and it will be delivered tomorrow. We always ship the product for free. Do you have any questions? Then you can send an email to 24/7.