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What is a water softener? No more scaling in your pipes

What is a water softener?

No more calcium in your pipes

Do you have any idea why your heating does not heat up sufficiently? You may have scaling in your pipes. Scaling prevents proper functioning of various heating elements. A water softener will get rid of limescale in your pipes in no time.

    • Up to 85% less limescale
    • Installed within 5 minutes
    • Suited for the entire house
    • No service and maintenance costs

Order the Amfa4000® now for $ 188 ,- and we will ship it for free. Did you order the water softener before 11:59 P.M.? Then it will be delivered within 48 hours.

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What is the Amfa4000® water softener?

The Amfa4000® is a water softener that ensures that scaling will no longer stick to your pipes. This reduces limescale and protects your equipment. Installing a water softener ensures a longer lifespan for your coffee machine or water boiler. Besides, you save costs annually, as your pipes function properly again!


As seen on tv

Julio Rosier, owner of, recently appeared in the well-known TV show Nederland Heeft Het, in which he explained about the water softener and how it worked. Quickly view the brief fragment and then order your own water softener. at 'Nederland Heeft Het!' at 'Nederland Heeft Het!'

In 'Nederland Heeft Het!' Julio talks about the technique of the Amfa4000®
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Frequently asked questions about a water softener

We have listed a number of frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not among them? Then view our other frequently asked questions.

➤ How do I save on energy costs with the Amfa4000®?

Due to limescale, the heating element in, for instance, your water boiler has to work harder to heat up. This takes more energy. A water softener ensures that your pipes are free of scaling, so the heating element requires less energy

➤ Where did the scaling go?

The scaling stays present in the water. The difference is that scaling can no longer stick to your pipes. After three to five weeks you will start to notice the difference.

➤ How do I maintain the water softener?

The Amfa4000® does not require maintenance. You place the device on your pipe and after that, you can forget it. Very convenient!

➤ How do I install the water softener at home?

You can install the water softener yourself without problem:

  1. You place the water softener on the pipe in the control cabinet
  2. The Amfa4000® can be installed both horizontally and vertically
  3. You secure the water softener with a tie wrap

That’s it. You will notice the result of the water softener quickly.

Order simply online

Are you tired of polishing taps, shower doors, coffee machines and tea glasses over and over again? Then simply order the Amfa4000® in our webshop. If you order the water softener from our shop before 11:59 P.M. it will be delivered the next day.