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Fewer lime stains.
Fewer lime stains.
Wonderfully soft laundry and skin.
Wonderfully soft laundry and skin.
Appliances protected against limescale.
Appliances protected against limescale.
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The best solution against limescale

You can order the Amfa4000 easily and quickly via our web shop. The water softener will only cost you $188 once. If you order now, we will deliver the water softener within 48 hours.



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  • 48H delivery
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100 day exchange and money back guarantee
  • No maintenance costs

Beat limescale with a water softener

Enjoy delicious water at home with the Amfa4000 water softener. You immediately notice that the water causes less limescale. Within a few days you will see existing limescale disappear. The compact water softener can be installed within 5 minutes. The magnetic field then prevents limescale from adhering to your pipes and plumbing. This means you no longer suffer from limescale in your bathroom, your water tastes better and household appliances last longer.

Some benefits

  • Wonderfully soft laundry
  • Tea and coffee taste better
  • Savings on your energy bill


Installation Amfa4000®

Due to the small dimensions, a free space of only 8cm is required over the length of the tube to mount the water softener. Mounting can be on any type of tube such as PVC, copper, flexible tube and (galvanized) steel. With a diameter of 12mm to 42mm.

Quality water softener

The Amfa4000 ® Water softener made of high quality materials, which means that under most circumstances, it will last for a lifetime and maintenance free. If there is anything wrong with the water softener, you will also have a 10 year warranty. In addition, we give 100 days a "no good money back" guarantee, so you can try the water softener yourself without risk.

Operation Amfa4000

The Amfa4000 & reg; Water softener produces a frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecule to cause lime to bind the microparticles into the water, rather than sticking to your equipment and pipes.

Magnetic fields

24Man has done a lot of research into the correct arrangement of the magnetic fields in the water softener. In addition, 24Man uses modern and durable gadolinium ceramic technology, which has achieved a strong magnetic field in a compact housing. This results in a powerful and small water softener device that can be mounted in small spaces without difficult intervention on the tubes.

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More than 100,000 satisfied customers

You can confidently leave the descaling of your pipes to our reliable water softener. More than 100,000 satisfied customers have preceded you. You no longer need to bother with white-washed showerheads and replacing expensive filters. 

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Why AMFA4000?

The Amfa4000 water softener from Waterdescaler.com has been developed with Swiss precision. At Waterdescaler.com, quality comes first and we only use the best parts. The water softeners are researched in Switzerland and manufactured with craftsmanship.

The Amfa4000 water softener price 

At Waterdescaler.com, we like clear prices and we do not charge additional costs.

After the purchase costs of $ 188, you pay no delivery costs and the conclusion of a service and maintenance contract is not necessary. Moreover, with us you benefit from a warranty that lasts no less than 10 years.

One-off 188,-
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  • 10 years warranty
  • No surprises afterwards
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Amfa4000 water softener in the media

Various media have already given attention to the Amfa4000 water softener. In this item, Julio Rosier explains why limescale costs a lot of money every year and how our Amfa4000 water softener prevents limescale. This video also shows you how to install the Amfa4000 yourself within five minutes.


Beat lime with our water softener

The Amfa4000 water softener changes the structure of minerals in tap water without removing essential components from the water. Our water softener is scientifically tested and fully environmentally friendly.

The advantages of our water softener magnet

  • 1 system for the whole house and 100 day money back guarantee;
  • Enjoy less limescale;
  • The water softener gradually breaks down the existing limescale;
  • The Amfa4000 water softener is environmentally friendly;
  • The Amfa4000 water softener is maintenance free;
  • 10 years full manufacturer's warranty on the Amfa4000 water softener; 
  • Savings of $ 250 to $ 500 per household per year possible with our water softener;
  • Sensitive skin? With descaled water, you will suffer less from skin rash, itching, papules, or eczema.

How the Amfa4000® works?

The water softener uses special powerful magnet technology 0.117 Tesla = 1170 Gauss. In addition, the magnets are optimally tuned to each other thanks to years of research, so you are assured of optimal operation. Would you like to know more about this special system? On our Amfa4000 information page, you will find more information and answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

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Lime deposits can cause clogged pipes and make your household appliances work less well. This means you need more cleaning agents to clean your dishes and laundry. The limescale deposits also cause the appliances to break down more quickly: your boilers have a considerably shorter service life.


In many areas in the USA, we suffer from hard water caused by lime and magnesium. The water hardness varies from area to area. Would you like to know the hardness of the your local water? On our water hardness page, you will find a complete overview of the hardness of tap water in various municipalities in the USA. 


Calcium and magnesium minerals crystallize and form boiler scale. The lime then settles in the form of lime deposits on your plumbing and appliances.


The Amfa4000 is suitable for any type of home, whether you live on a houseboat or in an apartment, villa or family home. All you need is a piece of straight water pipe of about eight centimeters. You can easily install the Amfa4000 yourself.


In Although lime is not bad for your body, it does reduce the service life of your appliances and causes them to work less effectively. This can increase your energy costs by up to 30%. Therefore, have your water pipe softened in time and avoid high costs. After you have ordered our water softener with magnet, you can enjoy wonderfully soft water again.


De You can easily place the water softener around the water pipe before or after the water meter yourself. And the magnetic field prevents calcium and magnesium from crystallizing. Because the lime remains dissolved in the water, it no longer adheres. This means you no longer suffer from limescale in your bathroom, your water tastes better and household appliances last longer.

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You can order the Amfa4000 easily and quickly via our web shop. If you order today, we will deliver the water softener within 48 hours.

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