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Amfa4000® Waterdescaler

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Amfa 4000
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Amfa4000® Professional softener for the entire home

+Lower energy costs and comfort
You will experience less limescale on the heating elements of, for example, your boiler or kettle. This way it will take less time for the water to reach its temperature and you will be saving energy costs.

+Cleaner sanitary and tableware, so less work and also saving costs
As there is less limescale on faucets, tiles and tableware, you will require less cleaning agent and soap to clean them. You will be able to notice this from the water that will froth sooner when adding these products.

+Appliances will last longer
The reduction of limescale ensures a longer shelf life of your appliances and will assure you to save costs.

+Cleaner environment and cost-reduction
A lower consumption of energy, detergent and cleaning agents not only saves money, but it also contributes to a cleaner environment.

+Softer clothes and comfort
Due to less limescale in the water, clothes will feel less hard, clothes
will remain attractive much longer and show less wear. You will also need less detergent and you will save costs.

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