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Where do you install a water softener?

Installation in 5 minutes

The installation of a water meter is very simple. The water softener is installed near the water meter. Most water meters can be found in the meter cupboard. Because the water softener is very compact, it fits on most water meters.

Suitable for all types of piping

The water softener is suitable for all types of piping. You can easily install the water softener on copper, metal and tylene piping.

Advantages of a water softener

Do you have limescale? By using a water softener, you will no longer suffer from limescale in your home. You also save on energy costs and your household devices will last longer.

    • Installed in five minutes
    • Reduces limescale by 85%
    • For all types of piping
    • Save up to $700 per year

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Seen on TV

The water softener is a must in every household. Curious why? In the RTL4 program Lifestyle Experience, Julio Rosier explains how a water softener works against limescale.

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When do I see results?

It takes 3 to 5 weeks before you see the results of the water softener, depending on how hard the water is and how old the piping is. The magnetic operation dissolves the limescale. When the pipes are completely clean, the water quality is optimal.

Water softener and moving

Are you going to move? You can easily take the water softener with you

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