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What do you use a water softener for?

Limescale no longer has a chance

Limescale has a negative effect on your pipes. You can see the limescale deposits on your shower doors and taps and you can tell by the heating elements in your electrical appliances. Do you want to get rid of your limescale? Then order a water softener and save on your energy bill.

    • Quick to install
    • Up to 85% less limescale
    • Suitable for all types of pipes
    • No service and maintenance costs

Order your own water softener now for $ 188 and benefit from free shipping. If you order the water softener now, you can install it yourself within 48 hours!.

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What does a water softener do?

A water softener uses magnetic fields to ensure that calcium and magnesium do not crystallize in your pipes. The Amfa4000® does not remove these minerals, but suppresses their negative effect. This makes your electrical appliances with heating elements last longer.


Installing the water softener yourself

Julio Rosier shows you how easy it is to install the Amfa4000®. No technicians in your home. All you need is the water softener and a tie wrap. at 'Nederland Heeft Het!' at 'Nederland Heeft Het!'

In 'Nederland Heeft Het!' Julio talks about the technique of the Amfa4000®
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Benefits of a water softener

A water softener has several advantages. We have listed the most important ones for you:

➤ You reduce your energy costs

Limescale causes your appliances to consume more energy. This is because the limescale makes it more difficult to spread heat. Once the limescale is gone, energy consumption decreases, because appliances with clean pipes heat up faster.

➤Your appliances last longer

As the appliance consumes less energy, its service life is extended.

➤ You never have to polish and scrub again

The lime can no longer adhere to your shower doors or taps. This means that you will never have to scrub with cleaning agents again.

➤ You help the environment

Because you consume less energy each year, you are energy efficient. This has a positive effect on the environment.

Order your water softener online

Do you want to help the environment, save money and spend less time cleaning your shower doors and taps? Then quickly order your own Amfa4000® online for just $ 188. If you order your water softener before 23:59, you can install it within 48 hours. You will notice a difference after approximately three to five weeks.