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Whole House Water Softener

The Amfa4000® is a whole house water softener system that is easy to install, does not require any maintenance or servicing and works to reduce the limescale build-up throughout your house, permanently and continually for a one-time payment, without the use of chemicals or unsightly equipment.

How the Whole House Water Softener Works

In hard water areas, calcium occurs naturally in the water. This calcium wants to combine with other particles forming a limescale crystal. However, the particles within water are usually enclosed by microscopic water molecules which prevent the calcium from attaching to them. The calcium then attaches itself onto the next best thing, which is your water pipes, washing appliances or heating system. Professor Klaus J. Kronenberg has carried out research at Claremont University, California, that has discovered the exact frequency and resonance of a magnetic field that releases the water molecules from the naturally occurring particles in the water. The calcium is then attracted to these freed particles rather than your pipes and other water systems. The Amfa4000® is simply attached to your main in-flow water pipe. Once installed it emits the correct magnetic field into all the passing water, thus serving as a whole house water softener by treating all the water within your property, as well as reducing any exiting limescale build-up.

Advantages of the Amfa4000® Whole House Water Softener

  • Easy to instal
  • No maintenance, service or top-up salts
  • Prevents limescale build-up
  • 10 year full factory warranty
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Increases the lifespan of household appliances
  • No harsh chemicals, salts or minerals used
  • Reduces heating bills from poorly functioning heating systems
  • Easily removed when you move house
  • One time payment