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To enjoy your Delonghi coffee machine longer, it is important to descale it regularly. This way, you will prevent limescale damaging the heating element. Follow the steps below to clean your Delonghi Magnifica, Dinamica or a different model.

Step 1: Descaling agent

Switch on your Delonghi coffee machine and empty the water reservoir. Then pour 100 milliliters of descaling agent into the reservoir and add a liter of water. Then place the reservoir back. Put a container under the steam nozzle to collect the water. Make sure that this container can contain at least 1.5 liters of water, so it won’t overflow.]

Step 2: Descaling program of your Delonghi coffee machine

To switch on the descaling program, press the descaling button, with an arrow and drops next to it, for five seconds. Then fully open the steam handle so the hot water can flow out. The descaling program takes about half an hour.

Step 3: Switching on the flushing program

Fill the water reservoir again, this time only with water. Empty the container you used for collecting the descaling agent and put it back. Switch on the flushing program and let the coffee machine do its work again. With intermissions, water will flow through the Delonghi until the water reservoir is empty. Switch the steam button off after cleaning and your coffee machine will be clean.

Protect your Delonghi coffee machine against limescale

Scaling shortens the lifespan of your Delonghi coffee machine, even if you descale it regularly. Scaling will stick to your heating element, causing your coffee machine to use more energy to heat up the water. This causes the heating element to break down sooner.

Protect your Delonghi machine with a water softener against the consequences of hard water. The Amfa4000® only costs € 169 and is suited for the entire house. This way, you will not only protect your coffee machine, but also your shower head , water boiler, washing machine and iron against limescale. Read more about the consequences of hard water.

Frequently asked questions about descaling your Delonghi

When do I need to descale my Delonghi Magnifica?

In general, you will have to descale a Delonghi every three months. A coffee machine such as the Delonghi Magnifica will indicate this by itself, very convenient. Your coffee machine has a lamp that starts to flash when you have to descale the device. This way, you always know when it is time for cleaning.

Can scale get into my coffee?

When scaling occurs in your Delonghi coffee machine, it is possible that small scale particles get into your coffee. You need not worry about this, as these particles can do no harm. They may change the taste of your coffee, as there are various minerals in scale particles.

What does scaling do to the layer of crema on my coffee?

Crema is the golden brown layer on the coffee that is full of flavor. When there is much scaling in your coffee machine, your cup of coffee will have a crema layer that waters down quickly. This is because limescale reduces the pressure in the pipes.

Buy a water softener immediately

Order a water softener immediately through our website to neutralize scale in your water. This way, you will ensure that your Delonghi coffee machine lasts longer.