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Descaling your washing machine

For a long service life of your washing machine, it is important to descale it regularly. Limescale affects the heating element, which means the machine has to work harder to heat up. Lime residue may also end up in your clean laundry, which looks like white stripes or a white stain. gives you tips: descaling your washing machine has never been easier.

How do you descale your washing machine?

There are different way to descale your washing machine. For instance, you can use:

  • Chemical descaling agent
  • Vinegar
  • Soda
  • Dishwasher tablet

Step 1: Descaling agent

Choose a descaling agent for the washing machine. Put vinegar or a chemical anti-scaling agent in the detergent tray. If you opt for a cup of soda or a dishwasher tablet to descale your washing machine, you place these directly in the drum.

Step 2: Run wash program

Choose a wash program at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius and turn on the machine. Note: you run the machine without actual laundry. Otherwise, the descaling agent can tarnish the laundry. Run the entire program.

Step 3: Run the washing machine again

Once the wash program is finished, turn the machine on once more without descaling agent. Run it without actual laundry this time as well. After all, some anti-scaling agent may remain in the washing machine after the first program. By having the machine run a second time, you are sure that it will be entirely clean.

Preventing limescale in your washing machine

Descaling your washing machine is quite the task. That’s why it’s better to protect it against limescale. The solution is a water softener. This neutralizes lime in the water and prevents it from adhering to the drum, the heating element and your clothing. Even your water boiler, iron and coffee maker will last longer thanks to a water softener.

With the Amfa4000® water softener, you always enjoy soft water. Not only is this better for your household appliances, but for your laundry and the environment as well. Moreover, you save on detergent, shampoo and limescale cleaner, because you need much less of these. See more how much lime the water in your region contains, so that you can take this into account. A good way to tell whether your washing machine needs to be descaled is the heating element. This is because the element will turn white due to the limescale.

Is hard water bad for my laundry?

Lime not only affects the washing machine, but your freshly washed clothing as well. That is why clothing can sometimes feel a bit hard after washing or show a white haze. The miniscule lime particles in your clothing can also cause skin irritations.

How much detergent should I use?

The bottle of your detergent says how much you should use. In addition, the amount of detergent depends on the hardness of the water. The harder your water is, the more detergent you need to get your laundry clean. View the order now