The Amfa4000® Waterdescaler Now $ 125
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Where can you buy a water softener?

You can find a lot of water softeners online, but they are all very expensive. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of euros! Too expensive, we think. Our powerful water softener, the Amfa4000®, is perfect for your home and costs a fraction of the price!

    • Can be installed within 5 minutes
    • Up to 85% less limescale
    • Suitable for the entire home
    • No service and maintenance costs

You can order our water softener for just $ 188, and if you order the water softener now, you will have it within 48 hours!

Order the water softener

When can I expect the device?

At, you receive your order within 48 hours! Now that’s what we call amazing service. This means you can already start saving within 2 days.

Installing the water softener

Installing the Amfa4000® is very simple. You take the small device and attach it to your water pipe near the water meter with a tie wrap. The thickness of the pipe, as well as the material, makes no difference for the operation of the water softener. Watch the video below for a description of the Amfa4000®. Julio explains the installation of the device from minute 2.

When will I notice the result?

You can immediately notice a difference in the taste of the water! As for your household appliances, you will notice results after approximately 5 weeks. When you install our Amfa4000®, it first destroys all existing limescale in your pipes. The device does this through the use of a magnetic field that ensures the calcium and magnesium can no longer adhere to your pipes. You will notice that your devices are working optimally again after 5 weeks!

Water softener for the lowest price

Water softeners cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere. You can have a water softener for just $ 188 including VAT. Our Amfa4000® is suitable for all households and results in savings of up to 85%! Moreover, the type of pipe and its diameter does not matter to our water softener. It fits on truly any pipe.